Akuvara - Beach swing

About Akuvara

Akuvara is Sanskrit for ‘The Sea’, a simple but entirely apt name for a villa that lounges right next to the Gulf of Siam, a huge bay that is, for much of the year, as flat as glass and as blue as a lover’s smiling eyes.  Between the large pool and the sea is Lipa Noi Beach, white and almost deserted.  Stretch.  Relax.  Breathe.  This is your home for now.

This Samui villa has been designed with self-indulgent indolence in mind.  Just take a look at the spacious sala right next to the pool and beach, equipped with two large loungers that invite a snooze, a quiet chat, a good book or simply an invitation to gaze at the sparkling cobalt sea.

If lazing on the beach under the sultry tropical sun gets a little too warm, the pool and the sea compete for your attention.  Decisions, decisions... Life’s tough here.

As the sun slides down towards the horizon, dropping behind the silhouettes of the Five Islands, the nightly spectacle begins, with the blazing reds, purples, pinks and greens of the tropical sunset that reluctantly but inevitably give way to the deep violet of the night as billions of stars come out, seemingly just for you.

It’s an event that’s worth celebrating – every night – with a glass or two, perhaps, before Akuvara’s chef presents your dinner.  A feast not just for the taste buds but for all the senses.

You don’t have to be indolent for your entire stay at Akuvara, though you can be – just waft a hand in the air and the staff, who seem to know what you want before you do, will take care of every whim.  But if energy levels start to build up, jump into the villa’s kayak for a paddle out to sea, or take on the others at a game of beach football or volleyball.

And once you’re worn out, the villa’s supremely comfortable beds will carry you off into a night of deep bliss.

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